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Boards of Canada

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Boards of Canada
Boards of Canada
Boards of Canada
Boards of Canada
You ever have one of those moments when something you had no idea existed gets introduced into your life and you wonder "How in the world did I not know this existed?!" That was my reaction when I first heard Boards of Canada's single Reach for the Dead on Tomorrow's Harvest.

As a fan of anything 70s - music, culture, vehicles, appliances, furniture, photography - the entire Boards of Canada package is exactly the type of experience that'll make me stop whatever I'm doing and immerse myself in what they're putting out.

The band is comprised of a couple of Scottish brothers, Michael Sandison and Marcus Eoin. Adding to their amazing sound is the photography and video imagination of Niel Krug, who has an eye for the retro genre blended with enhanced color washes. If I ever had the chance to interview BoC, the only question I'd ask is "How... or Where... or What... are you tapping into that the rest of us aren't that puts this magic into your minds?" I really want to know the secret!

Check out the Boards of Canada website for more.