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Samurai - Animated Fable

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Created by Three Legged Legs and BBDO New York for GE's Imagination Theater, "Samurai" is the tale of a pint-sized samurai faced with a seemingly impossible challenge as proposed by a behemoth Emperor and his wicked minions.

This truly amazing animated short flows seemlessly from scene to scene using a perfectly synchronized soundtrack by Nick Faber with movements in the story. That's one of the most difficult processes to pull off in animation and really sets this piece apart from others you'll come across. Though incredibly detailed in its artwork, timing and consistent color schemes, the animation is whimsical and free-flowing. I had to watch it a couple of times to really grasp the detail and precision in this work.

Visit Three Legged Legs' Samurai page to view the 3 minute short and check out the artwork, including some nice sketch drawings showing some insight to the character evolutions.